Danes Four Elements Multi award Winning Blend

Four Elements wins another two medals - Silver and Bronze at the 2016 AICA awards!

Four Elements is Danes Multi award winning blend. The perfectly balanced Four Elements is made up of four single origin coffees: Ethiopian Yirgachefe, PNG, Brazil and Indonesia.

In 2014 at the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) held in Melbourne, the Danes Specialty Coffee "Four Elements" was awarded a Gold Medal and overall trophy for Espresso.

Roasters Description: Rose like aroma with dried tropical fruit sweetness, blackberry and cherry tones and clean finish

Varietals include Heirloom, Mundo Novo; Acaia, Catuai Icatu, Typica.

Danes Viking Blend

Winner of Silver Medal in RASV Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2012.

When people hear the name Viking they think of the Scandinavian warriors. Just like this powerful group of people, our award winning Viking blend lives up to its name and blend objective, Bold, Pronounced, Rich, Full bodied and rounded. Our Viking blend contains coffees from, Mexico, Indonesian Gayo, an Ethiopian Limu and Rwanda.

Roasters Description. As a black the aroma is fruity, especially viscous, producing a silky mouth feel with Juicy Black Current and plum flavours, low acidity with a zesty, spice finish. The richness easily penetrates the milk with flavours of creamy caramel and velvety dark chocolate mouth feel and finish.

Varietals. Ethiopian Heirloom, Bourbon, Catura, Typica



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